1. Civil engineering

    Kurobe river is known as rampage river which flows fast in the steep and narrow slope. Our main field is Kurobe river , where we carry out river embankment, landslide counter measure, maintenance of erosion control facilities etc. Otaka is putting effort to conserve the safety and security of the people of Kurobe.
  2. Landslide control

    Unazuki Onsen is one of the famous and largest Onsen( hot spring ) of Toyama Prefecture and the Kurobe Kyoukoku Valley which is the deepest “V” shaped valley of Japan. In the entrance of these Otaka’s headquarter is located. Otaka is carrying out construction to prevent the collapse of the slope in Kurobe river’s alluvial.
  3. Architecture

    We are providing services mainly for the construction of school , community center, public institution , shops, business institution , housing etc. Otaka is making continuous efforts to respond to customer’s request.
  4. Renewable energy & Overseas project

    Utilizing the abundant natural resources, we strive to make environment friendly society for the sustainable development of the society. In addition, we have extended our business for the development and contribution of Southeast Asian countries.

「Top Priority To Safety] We will continue to make constant effort for SAFETY

The most important thing in our company is “Safety” and we believe that various technologies can be offered only after having the base of “ Safety Construction Company”. Therefor We will continue to make constant effort as a construction company that gives top priority to safety in the future too.

  1. (日本語) 黒部川第三発電所水平歩道補修工事(H31)第四発電所旧日電歩道補修工事(H31)
  2. (日本語) H30黒薙川第4号砂防堰堤改築他工事
  3. Ooshima Block Production Construction
  4. Regional Road Asahi Unazuki Bridge Repairment & Maintenance Construction
  5. Subsidiary at Myanmar
  6. 林野庁補助事業「地域内エコシステム」構築事業
  7. Natural Environment Maintenance, Keyakidaira Area Maintenance Work
  8. H30 Toyama Kurobe Internal Bridge Repairment Construction
  1. Quality

    Acquired ISO9002:1994 in 2000 and shifted to ISO9001:2015 in 2017.Otaka strive to improve the quality&customer’s satisfaction for Safety and Security

  2. Environment

    Acquired ISO14001 in 2004 and shifted to ISO14001:2015 in 2017. Otaka is proposing construction methods which are eco-friendly and preserves natural environment.

  3. Safety

    Acquired New CHOSMS(Construction Occupational Health and Safety Management System) in 2019. Otaka’s philosophy of “giving top priority to safety”and work with the spirit of respecting human life in any situation.