Multistage Underground Water Heat Utilization System

Customer: Otaka Construction (Research and Development)
Contractor: Otaka Construction (Research and Development)
Research Period: 2014 September to 2015 July
Place: Unazuki Onsen Kurobe City


It is a groundwater heat utilization system that drains groundwater pumped up from a pumping well to the outside through a drainage channel after heat exchange.

In the drainage channel, by using the groundwater after the exchange as a supplemental heat source in the waste water reuse preheater , to increase the efficiency of the heat pump machine , the roof top of the building and the water sprinkling section to sprinkle on the surface , it become available configuration.

(日本語) このシステムは、「平成25年度補正中小企業小規模事業者ものづくり・商業・サービス革新事業」の助成を受けて研究を進めています。