Heat Pump Air Conditioning System Utilizing Groundwater’s Heat[ Otaka Construction Co.,Ltd]

Customer: Otaka Corporation (Research and Development)
Contractor: Otaka Corporation (Research and Development)
Research Period: 2014 September to 2015 July
Place: Unazuki Onsen Kurobe City


Air conditioning carried out by using ground water.

The pumped groundwater pass through a heat exchanger to take out heat and the water heat source heat pump carries out air conditioning to the 2nd floor of head office.

Ground water after heat exchange by heat pump air conditioning is partly flow to parking lot’s sprinkling and roof spraying, partly returned to the elevated tank, and it is utilized in multiple purpose.

In other to operate the heat pump from the groundwater having difference in temperature, the heat exchanger is connected in series to be opposed to the two-stage heat exchange,
And Rather than raising the capacity in parallel, raising the flow of velocity within the heat exchanger maximize the efficiency of heat exchanger.

This system is undergoing research under the auspices of “Small Scale Business Provider Manufacturing Commercial and Service Innovation Project” in Financial Year 2011.