「Top Priority To Safety] We will continue to make constant effort for SAFETY

The most important thing in our company is “Safety” and we believe that various technologies can be offered only after having the base of “ Safety Construction Company”. Therefor We will continue to make constant effort as a construction company that gives top priority to safety in the future too.

  1. FY-2023 Myanmar Projects
  2. (日本語) 内山住宅外壁改修工事≪令和5年12月≫
  3. (日本語) 想影展望台改修工事 ≪令和5年11月≫
  4. (日本語) R5黒薙川第2号下流砂防堰堤工事
  1. SDGs

    2019年6月 大高建設SDGs宣言を実施。大高建設にてSDGsを推進するチーム≪KUKULU≫を中心に様々な活動を行っています。

  2. 健康企業経営


  3. 安全最優先

    Acquired New CHOSMS(Construction Occupational Health and Safety Management System) in 2019. Otaka’s philosophy of “giving top priority to safety”and work with the spirit of respecting human life in any situation.