Geo Fiber Construction Method


Geo Fiber is environmental friendly method and is stable for slope protection.、

  • Continuous fiber reinforcement earthwork
  • Land reinforcement earthwork
  • Vegetation Engineering

Continuous fiber reinforcement earthwork is the process, where sandy soil, continuous fiber ( Polyester) is mixed together with jet water and inject to slope protection part and to build thick soil structure earth surface
In addition, Earth’s reinforce Earth work is to raise the resistance of ground itself by embedding the steel resistor in the mountains and to integrate the continuous fiber reinforced soil.


The main feature of Geo Fiber method is the continuous fiber reinforced soil which is the mixture of sandy soil and fiber and by imparting pseudo adhesion force, soil structure with strong shear strength protects the slope.
Geo Fiber method creates green landscape and is natural friendly that were not found in the conventional block holding walls and mortar concrete method.

  • Make a strong earth structure with strong shear force
  • Can easily introduce vegetation Engineering。
  • It can cope with various collapse forms
  • It is possible to shorten the period of construction period by mechanized construction
  • Effective use of resources

Collection of used bottles

Recycled fibers made from recycled plastics

Plastic pellet for regeneration

Regenerated drainage material

Difference Between Conventional Method


Where to use Geo Fiber construction method

Building green retaining wall on the slope of soil in the newly construction road

Make green retaining wall instead of a concrete structure on the newly constructed road

Construction of continuous fiber reinforced soil by Geo-robot

One year after construction

Long section method framework practice

Stabilize the landslide slope with the ground anchor construction and long section framework method and this method helps for the recovery of scenic area’s framework early

Hillside slope collapsed due to earthquake

Continuous fiber reinforced soil construction situation

One year after construction

Hill side collapsed slope

Restoration of collapsed hillside slope due to earthquake

Continuous fiber reinforced soil covering construction progress

Completion of construction

5 years after construction

Preservation of existing trees

Implementation of steep slope counter measure while conserving the forest

Construct continuous fiber reinforced soil while leaving existing trees

Greening completed while leaving existing trees



Project Steep Slope Collapse prevention construction, Yamada area
Customer Nyuzen Civil Engineering Office
Contractor Otaka Corporation
Period 2001 March to September
Place Kurobe City Yamada Area
Project Countermeasures for steep slope Collapse, Oritate area
Customer Nyuzen Civil Engineering Office
Contractor Otaka Corporation
Period 2002 March to June
Place Unazuki Oritate Area