Efforts on Environment


ISO14001 which is the international standard of the environment management for the contributing the environment and compatibility with management.
In other to preserve the abundant nature and scenery of Kurobe for the next generation. As a construction company we are proposing to construct which are beneficial to the environment , restrain the environmental impact and conserve the natural environment.

Environment policy

Based on the philosophy “ Co-existence with Nature” we contribute for the formation of sustainable circulation oriented society by restraining the environment impact, preserving the natural environment and creating environment.


  1. Grasp the environmental impact associated with business activities, pollution presentation and environmental protection activities.
  2. Promotion for the resources saving , energy conservation , recycle etc
  3. Promote for the reduction of construction waste and for the appropriate disposal of it。
  4. Promote for the research and development program aimed at reducing environmental impact and creation and development of environment.
  5. Compliance to environmental laws and regulations and other requirements agreed by Otaka.
  6. Effectively operate the environment management system and continuously improve the environmental activities.
  7. Enhance environmental education and improve environmental awareness.
  8. Announcement of environmental policy and action guidelines to all the employees and cooperating companies. Also disclose to the stakeholders as well.

Efforts of ISO14001 of Otaka Corporation

  1. 1. Co-existence with nature , endeavor to preserve and create the natural environment.
  2. 2. Reduction of environment impact, creation of useful environment system.
  3. 3. Analysis of current situation( survey of environmental aspect))
  4. 4. Extraction of remarkable environment aspects. (Harmful/ Beneficial)
  5. 5. Setting action targets for environmental aspects( Harmful/ Beneficial)