BIOTOPE is the compound word of place to grow living thing in Germany language. It refers to the space where wild animals and plants live in natural ecological system.

Efforts of Biotope

In recent years, river construction is not done only by focusing on the water control function but also carried out for the preserving and creating the natural environment, co-existence of nature and human being aiming for the [Multi-Natural Type River].
Not only the rivers but also the construction of embankment, roads, slope protection construction there the use of environmental conservation method such as [Geo Fiber method].
Until now, under the name of the social infrastructure development, there were aspects that have sacrificed many biotopes as a result, but in the 21st century, which is also said to be the era of the environment, to defend and restore the remaining biotope, we believe that it’s our duty to create a new biotope that has been lost.


Natural Type River Improvement Work Urayama Embankment Waterways etc. Construction(Customer:Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport)
Woodwork Settlement Placement

Woodwork sediment has the effect of slowing down the flow of water and is intended to make it easier for fish going up for spawning egg such as Ayu. It also have the effect of scour prevention on the river.

Creation of Shallows and Abyss

The photo on the left is Abyss, the right is shallows.
By diversifying the structure of the river, it is possible to secure fish resting places, evacuation place during floods, feeding stations etc.

Huge Stone Tension

The huge stone tension creates many void, in addition to the other than scour prevention effect as revetment, the inhabitant in the space of the gap, and encourage the colonization of the plant.

Placement of Eco Log

Eco logs are packed in wooden fence by packing logs of wood chips and soil cut at the site in a corrosion proof tubular wire mesh and palm pouch.
The underwater part is expected to be effective for fishes such as to retreat fish and ground part is effective for promoting colonization.