Kurobe river is known as rampage river which flows fast in the steep and narrow slope.
Since the establishment of Otaka , our main works like flood protection project to protect the lives and property of people in the basin suffering from flood damage and for the power supply development by overcoming the harsh natural environment.
The thoughts of predecessors who challenged these are still taken over by us.
The development of social infrastructure has progressed and “ safety,security and comfort” has become common today. In other to protect the present status we are and we will play a big responsibility with our high technology both today and in the future. That’s OTAKA’S Pride

  1. (日本語) 内山住宅外壁改修工事≪令和5年12月≫
  2. (日本語) 想影展望台改修工事 ≪令和5年11月≫
  3. (日本語) R5黒薙川第2号下流砂防堰堤工事
  4. (日本語) R2-5黒薙川第2号下流砂防堰堤工事
  5. (日本語) R4祖母谷第5号砂防堰堤改築工事
  6. タイプAビル 外観 Overseas Project
  7. Overseas Project
  8. (日本語) 令和2年度黒部川河道整備他工事
  9. (日本語) H30-32黒薙川第2号下流砂防堰堤工事H30-32黒薙川第2号下流砂防堰堤工事
  10. (日本語) 市道立野6号線外1路線道路改良工事市道立野6号線外1路線道路改良工事
  11. (日本語) 朝日小川ダム河川総合交付金法面補修工事朝日小川ダム河川総合交付金法面補修工事
  12. (日本語) 一般県道音沢中ノ口線 県単独橋梁維持修繕 境谷橋 伸縮装置取替工事
  13. R1-4 Kurobe Dani No.2 Landslide Prevention Dam Construction
  14. Kurobe River Road Evacuation Construction
  15. R1 Toyama Internal Road Attached Facility Maintenance Construction
  16. (日本語) 黒部川第三発電所水平歩道補修工事(H31)第四発電所旧日電歩道補修工事(H31)
  17. H30 Kuronagi No.4 Landslide Prevention Improvement & Other Construction
  18. H30 Internal Landslide Prevention of Material Transportation Road
  19. Ooshima Block Production Construction
  20. Regional Road Asahi Unazuki Bridge Repairment & Maintenance Construction
  21. Subsidiary at Myanmar
  22. 林野庁補助事業「地域内エコシステム」構築事業
  23. Natural Environment Maintenance, Keyakidaira Area Maintenance Work
  24. H30 Toyama Kurobe Internal Bridge Repairment Construction
  25. Emergency Slope Protection at Akebi, Ravine Construction
  26. Kurobe River Block Production & Other
  27. Unazuki Fire Station Government Building Maintenance Construction (Main Building)
  28. Birudann (1) Slope Protection (Steep Slope) Erosion Control, Construction
  29. 2016,Kokurobe Dani Landslide Prevention Dam and other Construction
  30. (日本語) 地下水・温泉熱併用ヒートポンプ空調【ジオパーク展示室】
  31. Accumulation of Driftwood and other work at Unazuki Dam, 2019
  32. Birudani Regional Erosion Control( Steep Slope) Construction
  33. Maintenance and Repairment of Unazuki Bridge
  34. Construction of Shinetsu Headquarter Building (New Construction)
  35. Water Heat Source Heat Pump Air Conditioner Using Self- Blowing Well (Ground Water)[Ikuji, Kurobe City]
  36. Yosiwara River Bank Improvement ( No.143) Block Production Construction
  37. Kusurido ,Otozawa Area Embankment Reinforcement Construction
  38. Kuronagi Dani No.2 Downstream Landslide Prevention Dam Construction
  39. Kokurobe Dani No.2 Landslide Prevention Dam Construction
  40. Ground Water Thermal Heap Pump Air Conditioning(detached house in Toyama)
  41. Kurobe City Onsen Multipurpose Building (New Construction)
  42. Heat Pump Air Conditioning System Utilizing Groundwater’s Heat[ Otaka Construction Co.,Ltd]
  43. Kurobe City Government Administration Building ( New Construction)
  44. Kurobe Dani Material Transportation Road Construction
  45. Kamiiino Embankment Construction
  46. Katakai River Embankment Construction
  47. Public Square , Regional Railway Unazuki Onsen Station
  48. Non Sprinkling Snow Melting System , Utilizing Unused Hot Spring
  49. Kurobe River Landslide Prevention Dam Reconstruction
  50. Rinndou Betumata Soga Takesen Slope Protection Construction
  51. Yosiwara Detached Breakwater Block Production Construction
  52. Aimoto Tokodone Waterways Repairment
  53. Interaction Plaza ( Main Building)
  54. Ogyu Embankment Reinforcement Construction
  55. Kuronagi River Erosion Control Dam Reconstruction work
  56. Rinndou Betumata Soga Takesen Slope Construction( Part 3 and Part 4)
  57. Matuodani (Material Transportation Road) Restoration Afforestation Construction
  58. Community Development Business Utilizing Renewable Energy