Non Sprinkling Snow Melting System , Utilizing Unused Hot Spring

Project:Construction of Non-Sprinkling Snow Melting System,
Customer: Otaka Corporation
Contractor: Otaka Corporation
Period: 2014 October to December
Place: Parking lot of Otaka Corporation Unazuki Onsen, Kurobe City

Utilizing hot spring water from the closed Ryokan for non-sprinkling snow melting system.

Water circulated from the closed Ryokan is warmed by the heat exchanger in the parking lot premises and this warm water flows through the snow melting piping stretched under the pavement of the parking lot so that the heavy snowfall of Unazuki melts without spraying.

This system is designed in such way that even if the snow falls concentratedly, it melts the snow preferentially in the around the entrance of the parking lot. Therefore, vehicles can enter and exist smoothly.

Utilizing the existing hot-water supply facilities of closed Ryokan, we were able to reduce the initial cost for the construction of the system and made effective use of regional resources as well. And also, by running circulation pump using night time electric power , running costs have been reduced we have reduce the running costs.

This snow melting system was constructed under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment 2014 [Local Geothermal Utilization Promotion Project of Geothermal and Geothermal Heat Utilization Project].